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Celebrity Cost

How Much Should A Celebrity Cost?- CSB Has The Answers

What a simple question right?  Wrong!! The truth is, this is such a tough question because to be honest, most agents don’t have a traditional “rate card” for their clients. They make it up as they go. You say, “How is that possible”?  My reply is, of course it is possible. Agents are not bound by some type of price protection or truth in advertising. Agents deal with commodities and their clients are the ultimate commodity.

That is a fact. Celebrities are commodities in an over saturated market-place.  Yes there are unicorns. Kim Kardashian, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman and others. But these unicorns are few and far between. You rank and file celebrities in fact categories and then put them up against others in their category.



Kobe Bryant


David Justice

Lebron James

Michael Jordan


Richard Petty

Jack Nicklaus

Michael Phelps

Usain Bolt

Carl Lewis

Charles Barkley

Steph Curry



Jennifer Anniston

Sarah Jessica Parker

Matthew McConaughey

George Clooney

Ashton Kutcher

Jennifer Lopez

Will Smith

Robert Downey Jr.

Dwayne Johnson

Samuel L. Jackson

Michael B. Jordan

Woody Harrelson


Technology and Business

Gary Vaynerchuk

Jack Welch

Casey Neistat

Mark Cuban

Chris Sacca

Alex Rodriguez

Steve Wozniak

Alexis Ohanian

Robert Herjavec

Michio Kaku

Bill Nye

Kevin Systrom



Jimmie Fallon

Ellen Degeneres


Khloe Kardashian

Kylie Jenner

Kendall Jenner

Kevin Hart



Dr. Phil

Dr. Oz

Heidi Klum

Lauren Conrad

Gabrielle Union

Ayesha Curry

Laila Ali


As you can see there is a lot of competition in the market-place so this normally should lead to reduced prices. But with the economy being reasonably strong, the stock-markets at all time highs, the celebrity cost has been very expensive as well.  Having said that, there are always deals to be had! There are potentially alternate celebrities that you could hire. Maybe you want to reach a 30-55 year old mom and your first choice was asking for a ridiculously high fee with a private jet, etc, etc. etc.!  But instead of wasting your time and hoping because you have a great event with an amazing story which you think would really touch the celebrity, let me do you a favor…..   PLS STOP IT.

Sadly, your amazing story told so emotionally will never get to the celebrity 95% of the time. Just like sending samples through PR “gifting” agencies are a massive waste of time, so is trying to get a celebrity to do something below market value celebrity cost. Just being honest here.

The goal isn’t to get that once in a lifetime booking of a celebrity. While a nice thought, is that really going to be you?  Chances are, probably not. So this is where the experts at Celebrity Speakers Bureau are your best friends and industry leading experts. The booking agents at Celebrity Speakers Bureau have lists which contain our proprietary groupings of celebrities that are amazing alternates based on geography, category of fame, age, social media numbers and celebrity cost.

Once you know you need the influence of a great motivational and inspirational speaker to host or execute a speech at your next corporate meeting or event, let Celebrity Speakers Bureau help you research, vet, negotiate and execute a flawless program. The company’s vast knowledge and reputation as one of the best speakers bureaus focusing on celebrities should provide you comfort that you are working with experts.

To contact a CSB expert, please e-mail consulting@celebrityspeakersbureau.com immediately.

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