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Top Women Speakers – Top Trending Women’s Empowerment Speakers – January 18

Top Women Speakers For Women’s Empowerment Events, Industry Forums & Corporate Conferences:

In 2018, you will hear the voice of top women speakers loud and clear as they tackle the social injustices that have plagued women in the workplace for decades. 2018 is a year for you to help empower and accelerate women in the workplace to combat sexual harassment, glass ceilings, and gender pay gaps among other issues. These women’s empowerment speakers below share powerful personal stories and insights to motivate your audience to make a change.

hire gretchen carlsonGretchen Carlson: Acclaimed news anchor and broadcast journalist Gretchen Carlson is the face of female empowerment in the workplace. In July of 2016, Gretchen filed sexual harassment charges against Fox News chairman & CEO Roger Ailes. This stoked the fires of a global conversation to right the wrongs of male abuse of power in the workplace. She recently released a bestselling book titled BE FIERCE: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back. Gretchen is truly a catalyst for change in corporate America and a role model for women all over the world.


Celebrity Speaker Viola DavisViola Davis: Oscar-winning actress and trailblazer Viola Davis has been a leading female voice in entertainment for years now. She has never been afraid to stand up for what she knows is right. Viola furthers women’s rights, advocates for people of color, in addition to building up those who have been sexually abused whether in or outside the workplace. Most recently, Viola gave a passionate speech at the Women’s March in LA where she spoke out for sexual assault survivors largely ignored by mainstream media.


Top Women Speakers Have Taken Over The Speaker Circuit in 2018.


hire tarana burkeTarana Burke: The #MeToo Movement came into mainstream focus in 2017, but it’s creator Tarana Burke has been empowering and nurturing sexual assault survivors well before she started her own nonprofit and #MeToo back in 2006. A survivor herself, Tarana has since dedicated her life to social activism since a young age. She is at the center of events and seminars to combat sexual assault in addition to crusading for gender equality. Her goal this year is to make sure these conversations continue further than just the trending headlines.


hire alyssa milanoAlyssa Milano: Alyssa got #MeToo trending on social media in late 2017 with a tweet showing support for sexual assault victims. Within days, she spoke with Tarana to find out how she could support the movement Tarana had created. The duo made an important joint appearance on Good Morning America to discuss the issues surrounding sexual assault victims. Alyssa is an influential voice in Hollywood and one of the top women speakers for hire who can encourage and empower your audience to challenge the social norms of today.


hire catt sadlerCatt Sadler: In December of 2017, Catt left her position as a tenured personality for E! Network due to a pay dispute. The dispute is over a discrepency in pay as her male co-host receives almost double her salary for the same duties. A number of actresses have now come to her aid because E! claimed there was no discrepancy in pay based on gender. Catt decided she was willing to risk her financial future to challenge the gender pay gap in entertainment. She now turns her focus to the future, spreading messages of strength and unity for underpaid women in the workforce.


Top Women Speakers Are Changing The World, One Speech at a Time.


hire angela ryeAngela Rye: You can’t get anything past political advocacy firm co-founder and CNN/NPR correspondent Angela Rye! Angela is in the media trenches every day, standing up for women and people of color. Consequently, she has been instrumental in calling attention to the unfortunate bigotry spreading from Washington and major news networks. Angela is a top keynote speaker for university speaker series and industry conferences because she can connect with audiences of different ages and backgrounds.


hire alexis jonesAlexis JonesEntrepreneur and non-profit founder Alexis Jones is a thought leader for millenials and Gen-Y. She is the founder of  I AM THAT GIRL and ProtectHer. The focus of her non-profit efforts is to build up young girls and women with self-love to combat social stereotypes and teach men to respect the women in their lives. Furthermore, Alexis is a hit keynote speaker for university audiences because of her positive message for the next generation. She thrives on changing the perception of male and female stereotypes, one event at a time!


hire ashley juddAshley Judd: Ashley is an empowering female figure in entertainment advocating for sexual abuse victims. She recently detailed her own uncomfortable encounter at the hands of Harvey Weinstein. Ashley encourages women and girls who are prostituted and sex trafficked to tell the truth. Because of her strength to speak, she has led global truth-telling in the most powerful way, by example. In addition, Ashley serves as the chair of the Women’s Media Center Speech Project seeking to raise awareness about online harassment and how it taxes women’s civic and political involvement.


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Barbara Corcoran: Shark Tank investor and real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran knows a thing or two about pulling herself up by her own bootstraps. At 23, she took out a $1,000 loan and started her own real estate firm in New York City. She grew it into a $66 million business as a result of the unconventional lessons she learned from her mother. Barbara is passionate about helping other female entrepreneurs and businesses find the same success! Her wisdom, wit, and wild sense of humor empowers audiences to be great despite the obstacles in their path.


hire sallie krawcheckSallie Krawcheck: Last but certainly not least is businesswoman Sallie Krawcheck. She has shattered glass ceilings in corporate America as the former President of Global Wealth & Investment Management for Bank of America. Furthermore, she has gone a step further to create an organization to advance women in the workplace called Ellevate Network. Ellevate is a global network allowing women to connect, teach, learn and invest in themselves. As a result, Sallie is a go-to speaker for women’s empowerment events, corporate conferences, industry forums and internal meetings.


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