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Motivational Business Speakers – Top Trending List – December 19

Every year, Celebrity Speakers Bureau is bombarded with inquiries regarding booking top CEOs and corporate exec’s such as Amazon’s Jeff Bezos or Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer to come and share their success stories as motivational business speakers for corporate conferences and industry events. The sad truth? Unfortunately, not everyone is bookable. These top business minds have created a wealth of success for themselves but with it comes a huge time commitment that renders them all but unavailable for appearances outside of their company’s corporate schedule. This week, we wanted to provide you with a list of the top 10 trending motivational business speakers who are currently accepting outside opportunities for keynote speeches and personal appearances:

hire richard bransonSir Richard BransonWith his debonair style and dramatic flair for innovation, Virgin Group founder and CEO Richard Branson is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating motivational business speakers available for hire on the speaking circuit. His creativity knows no bounds, having built a brand that operates over 400 companies in retail, music, transportation services, technology and more. Richard truly embodies the unbridled spirit of entrepreneurship and he revels in opportunities to share his tips on building a successful brand to future entrepreneurs and innovators at business conferences and leadership summits.

business speaker arianna huffingtonArianna HuffingtonArianna is best known for her Pulitzer Prize winning online news source The Huffington Post, which she first started back in 2005. In April of 2016, she stepped down as editor-in-chief to focus on her new corporate wellness startup, Thrive Global. Arianna has always been outspoken about the importance of mental, physical and emotional health & wellness when discussing her success as an entrepreneur and CEO. Now she’s taking it one step further to create products, services and programs that will help company leaders and employees find the perfect work-life balance. As a keynote speaker, Arianna touches on work-life balance as well as strategies for improving corporate structure and customer relationships.

business speaker jack welchJack WelchThis former General Electric CEO and NY Times bestselling author is a global thought leader in best management practices for building a winning business. During the course of his career with GE, Jack was responsible for a 4,000% company value increase and helped lead the company forward into new opportunities in emerging markets. Since retiring from the company in the early 2000’s, Jack has dedicated his time to sharing his wealth of knowledge with others as a keynote speaker for conference and events and working as the head of his own MBA program operated by Strayer University.

celebrity guest speaker jessica albaJessica AlbaJessica is a celebrated Hollywood actress who stepped away from the cameras in recent years to focus on her own startup, The Honest Company. Jessica has proven herself to be a very savvy businesswoman who understands the marketplace and ways she can connect with her ever-growing customer base. The Honest Company has now grown into a multi-billion dollar brand centered around safe, kid-friendly consumer goods. Her celebrity clout can create a huge buzz around your event and she has the business tips and acumen to motivate your audience to create, build and succeed!

hire evan spiegelEvan Spiegel: At 26-years-old, tech entrepreneur Evan Spiegel is responsible for creating one of the most popular and lucrative social media platforms in the world known as Snapchat. One of the keys to success for Evan and his business has been the ability to re-brand, re-focus and adapt to the needs of his users. His universal business strategies serve as an important lesson for companies who are experiencing an increase in industry competition or suffering from stale business practices that should be restructured to fit the current demands of the marketplace.

tony-hsiehTony HsiehZappos CEO Tony Hsieh does things a little differently than most CEOs in corporate America. His approach to successful company management and brand building begins with creating a positive company culture and fun work environment that employees actually enjoy being a part of. He has employed a number of quirky strategies that encourage and reward his employees throughout the year and Zappos is considered among the most exciting, enjoyable places to work in America. Tony is one of the top motivational business speakers available for companies and organizations who are looking for new strategies to improve employee morale and ultimately their bottom line.

business speaker bob parsonsBob ParsonsBob earned his reputation as a top entrepreneur and CEO as the founder of GoDaddy, the world’s largest online webhosting provider. But he hasn’t stopped there! Amongst other successful ventures and investments, Bob has recently been working on a line of technologically advanced golf clubs called PXG which have made their way into the hands of some of the top professional golfers on the PGA Tour. You will never succeed by simply following what others have done, and Bob can teach your audience how to get out of their comfort zone and become confident decision-makers who do rather than conjecture.

hire travis kalanickTravis Kalanick: Are you familiar with the transportation service Uber? Let’s be honest at this point, who’s not?! Travis Kalanick is the man with the plan who co-founded Uber in 2009 and currently serves as the company CEO. Travis and his growing fleet of drivers have outlasted new industry regulations and copy-cat competitors to reign supreme as a preferred mode of transportation around the world. In December of 2016, Travis was among several industry-leading tech entrepreneurs including Elon Musk who were named special advisers of President Trump’s Strategic & Policy Forum.

hire jennifer hymanJennifer Hyman: Jennifer is the co-founder and CEO of Rent the Runway, an online designer dress and accessory rental company. She is regarded as one of the most influential members of the fashion retail community, having created a niche market for those interested in wearing designer clothing without the astronomical price tags that usually go with it. As a popular keynote speaker for national conferences and events, Jennifer touches on topics including the role of women in business, the sharing economy, entrepreneurship and company culture.

hire marc randolphMarc RandolphRounding out our list of top motivational business speakers for hire this week is Netflix co-founder and first company CEO Marc Randolph. Marc was instrumental in helping Reed Hastings get Netflix off the ground back in the late 1990’s. He is a savvy Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor who now sits on the board of directors for several successful startups including Looker and Chubbies Shorts. Marc can speak to the future of innovation in tech as well as discuss the risks and challenges every business must face to be successful.

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