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In these days of exploding entrepreneurialism, it seems like everyone’s got an idea. Between apps, software, and devices, there’s no shortage of innovation coming out each and every day. People are looking at practical and better ways to operate in our daily lives. In fact, so many celebrity speakers today are the product of this very entrepreneurial spirit. Nothing quite shines the spotlight on ultra business pioneers like ABC’s television show, “Shark Tank”. So why not hire shark tank speakers to share their exclusive business insights with your audience?

No doubt if you’re in the business world, you’ve heard of the show. The Emmy award-winning phenomenon has been on air for nine seasons, and this year it’ll hit its 200th episode. This show is successful for all kinds of reasons, but the shark investors are the catalyst.

In line with the trend, Celebrity Speakers Bureau’s most requested motivational speakers are often these top entrepreneurial personalities. Business speakers are invigorating, and they know the ins and outs of what works today, and even tomorrow. When you’re looking to hire keynote speakers for your event, you have to consider these groundbreaking personalities.

If you want to learn more about the industry’s highest in-demand and most influential entrepreneurs today, you have to consider celebrity motivational speakers from “Shark Tank.” Inventors, sports nuts, clothing designers, real estate wunderkinds, entertainment experts, and technology moguls, these celebrity entrepreneurs are as smart, quick, and inspiring.


Below are the Shark Tank speakers making an impact in motivational speaking well beyond the television show:


business speaker mark cubanMark CubanMaybe the most celebrity of celebrity entrepreneurs is mogul Mark Cuban. This self-starter began working at 12 years-old selling garbage bags to his neighbors. Since then, Cuban founded many businesses including Broadcast.com, a multi-media streaming service, and AXS TV, which he currently runs as the sole surviving independent television network in the conglomerate cable industry. Best known for buying and running the professional basketball team, the Dallas Mavericks, Cuban has his hands in every facet of tech and entertainment, including his co-ownership of Landmark Movie Theaters. Cuban is an absolute force. Book a celebrity speaker like Cuban to have a powerhouse event.

hire barbara corcoranBarbara Corcoran: Corcoran is one of the leading names in American real estate – and it all comes from Barbara Corcoran. An admittedly terrible student who couldn’t hold down a job, she went into real estate with a $1,000 loan. That was all she needed to build her empire. Now that she’s sold her business, Corcoran not only judges and invests in “Shark Tank,” she’s a leading industry motivational speaker. Her knowledge of small business and real estate is frequently showcased as a columnist for publications like More Magazine and Redbook, and she’s made regular appearances on television, like the Today Show and Larry King Live. Hire keynote speaker Barbara Corcoran to learn how to make something outstanding, from very little means.


Shark Tank Speakers continue to impress as business executives while sharing their thoughts on stages across the world as keynote speakers!


hire lori greinerLori GreinerIf there’s one person who never falls short when it comes to great ideas, it’s Lori Greiner. This inventor and business guru has created more than 500 products in addition to holding over 120 patents, worldwide. Not just a woman with good ideas, Greiner is involved in every stage of the business experience, from her legal involvement, to navigating intricate patent procedures, to a being a powerhouse in negotiations. She’s an excellent saleswoman, too. Her own show on QVC-TV, Clear & Unique Creations by Lori Greiner, has been on air for a whopping 18 years. The key to Greiner’s success is everyday, useful products that are affordable, and therefore accessible. It’s no surprise that Greiner is constantly sought out by corporations for her insight and wisdom. Consequently, Lori is one of the most famous motivational speakers available today.

business speaker kevin o'learyKevin O’LearyGrowing up all over the world, it’s understandable that Kevin O’Leary would become a diverse force in business. This entrepreneurial visionary found success when he began his own production company, Special Events Television. From there, he made a major shift and founded SoftKey Software, which became The Learning Company, the largest leader in education software. After selling, he developed climate controlled storage facilities for corporations like Pfizer, and now he runs a company outsourcing business, among many other things. No one trick wonder, O’Leary is an expert in versatility. Furthermore, O’Leary also hosts Project Earth on The Discovery Channel, and contributes as a regular guest on CNBC. Hire celebrity speaker O’Leary to get a lesson on getting good ideas from anywhere.


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Business Keynote Speaker Robert HerjavecRobert HerjavecIf the American dream is immigrating to the States and creating a life beyond imagination, then Robert Herjavec has achieved it ten fold. Like almost every other American tech star, he started a computer company in his basement in hopes of making a good life for his family. It worked. Herjavec’s career is founded on the creating and selling of IT companies. The Herjavec Group is a worldwide corporate benchmark in cybersecurity, concentrating on managed security services, response, consulting, and more. His specialty in the subject is what makes him a widely recognized expert, which has garnered honors and responsibilities such as serving as the Cybersecurity Advisor for the Government of Canada, and he was involved in the White House Summit on Cybersecurity. In addition, Robert is a part of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Task Force for Cybersecurity, and he’s a top motivational speaker.

hire daymond johnDaymond John: Like so many stories, entrepreneur Daymond John began FUBU out of his mother’s garage, and eventually, he became a multi-millionaire. The lifestyle brand is what made John take off, but his great involvement in “Shark Tank” has led to another career: investment. A success in this arena, too, the New York Times best-selling author of The Power of Broke, seals him as a dynamo. In 2015, John was a presidential ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship, and went to Kenya for the Global Entrepreneur Summit with President Obama. Most recently, John’s getting in on the co-working game, but for big shots. Blueprint+Co is a workspace, network, and resource for rising entrepreneurs, just like he once was himself. Hire motivational speaker Daymond John for an event success and how to beat the odds.


Don’t Forget The Guest Investors!


If these incredible talents aren’t enough, every season guest investors come on as well. Great talents from all kinds of industries put their hat in the ring. Guests in the past have included Chris Sacca, Jeff Foxworthy, and Rohan Oza. Rohan is back in 2018 in addition to new celebrity guest speakers Bethenny Frankel, Sara Blakely, and Richard Branson.

Exposure to the public has made these gurus hot tickets outside the show. Their presence and down-to-earth personalities make them a top speaker choice for any organization. That genuine quality is why these speakers are constantly at the top conference keynote speaker lists. Great people with proven business success make ideal entrepreneur speakers.

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