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Why More Emerging Brands Should Hire A Celebrity Spokesperson

Why More Emerging Brands Should Hire A Celebrity Spokesperson

It’s clear why large, multi-national companies and their brands have chosen to hire a celebrity spokesperson to tell their brand story. It is equally clear why crowdfunded and start-up companies use celebrity spokespeople. But what is significantly less talked about is why an emerging company would rock the boat and change their strategy to on-board a celebrity as their face, brand ambassador and global salesperson?

Let’s look at a few facts for an emerging company:

  • They left the world of being a start-up with some velocity
  • They have figured out who their consumer is
  • They made assumptions that were correct be it on things such as:
    • Price point
    • Design
    • Benefits
    • Usability
    • Demographics/Consumer
    • Distribution and sales
  • They have gone from a sell product only company to a company looking to invest in a celebrity spokesperson to utilize in marketing, branding, social media and sales

Emerging brands have a vision of themselves. Where they are going and why haring a celebrity spokesperson can provide such depth to their ultimate mission in terms of growth, sales, brand identification, etc. Celebrity Speakers Bureau’s staff has worked on some amazing campaigns with celebrity chefs, athletes, actors, business executives, lifestyle experts, home improvement mavens, social media stars, and on and on and on.

hire a celebrity spokespersonPart of the expertise that Celebrity Speakers Bureau and its team of booking agents has is 20+ years of experience in researching celebrity talent needs for clients, negotiating deals, executing them and activating campaigns at a very high level to create effective celebrity spokesperson campaigns. It is easy to hire a celebrity spokesperson. What is much more challenging is finding the perfect fit in the right budget that fits the brand objectives and is willing to execute the plan necessary for the campaign to effectively transact.

hire a celebrity spokesperson

When you look at some of the most famous celebrity endorsement campaigns such as Jennifer Aniston for SmartWater, Peyton Manning for Nationwide, George Clooney and Tom Cruise for watch companies, Justin Timberlake for a beer company, Beats By Dr. Dre and a myriad of celebrities including Serena Williams, DJ Khaled, LeBron James, Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez, you begin to understand why it’s necessary to hire a celebrity spokesperson at any business level. This is some incredible firepower. All emerging companies would love to amass an endorser list like this. It won’t be inexpensive but it is possible. The market is white hot for celebrity endorsement deals especially given the change in the digital marketplace. The app world is blowing up and marketing a celebrity’s favorite brand to millennials is nothing new. It’s just more expensive.

hire a celebrity spokesperson

The truth is, many emerging companies are going the route of social media influencers vs A-list celebrities. And it works! Utilizing names such as Cameron Dallas, Kayla Itsines, Jen Selter, Jeff Said, Michelle Lewin, Jacob Sartorius, Paige Hathaway, The Fat Jewish, Alexis Ren, Bryce Hall and many others.

hire a celebrity spokesperson

To understand the massive opportunity to utilize social media influencers correctly is an absolute science and so few know how. Celebrity Speakers Bureau has worked on many campaigns leveraging these type of influencers as celebrity spokespeople. The millennial influencer is an expert in building community and that should be a company or brand’s goal as well. It reduces the cost of acquisition, builds your database and puts you in control of the relationship with the customer versus allowing Amazon or others to own that relationship!

To discuss potential opportunities for your brand to hire a celebrity spokesperson, contact the Celebrity Speakers Bureau team at booking@celebrityspeakersbureau.com.

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