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The Benefits of Hiring Motivational Speakers for Business

Something all businesses could use a little more of is motivation. It’s fickle, fleeting, and sometimes completely absent. That drive to do better, increase sales, and provide high-quality services is something that comes and goes. One way to hold onto every ounce of that inspiration is by hiring motivational speakers for business.

These business-savvy individuals pack a powerful punch when it comes to getting your employees inspired to work hard, and ultimately, make you more money. At Celebrity Speakers Bureau (CBS), we know just how valuable that is to a company and we’re here to share with you the benefits of hiring motivational speakers for business.

Increases Morale

It’s nearly impossible to spend time with each of your employees in order to give them positive feedback. Often times, they never get the encouragement and validation they need to feel inspired and motivated. Who wants to work hard and do well when their efforts aren’t being recognized? That’s where hiring motivational speakers for business come into play. Hiring a motivation speaker that will connect with your employees and encourage them to continue on an ambitious and rewarding path will bode well for your business.

Productivity Skyrockets

When those who work for you are getting meaningful speeches that can help them not only succeed in their own career but also move your company to the forefront, you have to take full advantage of that opportunity. Hiring speakers for business will help boost your employee’s productivity by giving them a goal. If you give them a goal, a purpose, and the motivation to reach it, they’ll work much harder to get there. Their productivity will increase exponentially and therefore, your company will benefit greatly.

Provides Knowledge and Skill

Your employees can only learn so much in their day-to-day lives. They haven’t experienced certain situations that could help them do a lot better in their work. Not everyone is exposed to certain knowledge they need to successfully perform their job. Although you can’t sit down and instruct each person individually, hiring motivational speakers for business will give them what you can’t. Motivational speakers can contribute their own experiences and provide your employees with something they never would have learned otherwise. Those newfound skills and knowledge will then be put to work for your business specifically.

The Right Person Can Make All the Difference

Hiring motivational speakers for business – and specifically those with experience in your company’s field – is a huge asset when it comes to getting your employees powered up and inspired in the right way. Hiring the right speaker who will resonate well with your business is crucial in providing your employees with the motivation they need to lift your company higher. Speakers for business who happen to do just that are:

hiring motivational speakers for businessKate HudsonYou may know this leading lady from your favorite romantic comedies, but this business-savvy powerhouse has far more to her than just screen credits. In recent years, Kate has taken on ventures that have propelled her forward in the business world. Not only does Kate have a line of fashion active wear by the name of Fabletics, she’s also an advocate for healthy, green living as is proven by her eco-friendly hair care line that donates 10% of its proceeds to the wildlife conservation organization WildAid. As a motivational speaker for your business, Kate will approach your company’s needs on a relatable level that will show your employees that hard work and the right attitude make all the difference.

hiring motivational speakers for businessLori GreinerThis woman is an inventor, entrepreneur, and now a huge television personality! She knows what it’s like to work your way up the latter, have a vision, and see it through. Her story truly begins with her invention of a convenient jewelry box that she fought to get on shelves. Lori convinced a JCPenney buyer and 14 other Chicago stores to sell her product and made over $1 million in her first year. This catapulted her business forward and later landed her a spot on “Shark Tank” as an investor who helps those with small businesses and inventions reach new heights. Not only is Lori a savvy businesswoman, she’s also the author of “Invent it, Sell it, Bank it”, her book about how to turn a simple idea into a million dollar reality. Her big-picture mindset and no-nonsense attitude can help give your employees just what they need to take your company to the next level.

hiring motivational speakers for businessMarcus LemonisThis speaker for business is the chairman and CEO of Camping World and Good Sam Enterprises, but you may know him better by the show “The Profit”. In this show, Marcus invests in failing businesses and turns them around to be successful and profitable. Not only does he have several years of experience in starting and running multiple businesses, he also travels all over to share his knowledge with those willing to listen. If you’re looking for keynote speakers for business, Marcus Lemonis is the man to hire.

hiring motivational speakers for businessAndre AgassiYou may know this man as a world famous tennis player and Olympic gold medalist, but there’s far more Andre has to offer than just his skills on the court. After retiring from tennis in 2006, he has since taken on business ventures of his own, even opening an educational foundation. In 2009, Andre published his autobiography, Open, and it rose to be #1 on the NYT Bestseller list. Andre has been through the ringer in his career.  In addition to those ambitious ventures, he has now released a line of fitness equipment co-engineered with Gil Reyes.  These strength-training machines are built with the same mechanisms that launched Andre to eight Grand Slam titles. Although he’s suffered setbacks, he’s still come out on top and that’s the powerful message he preaches as one of the best speakers for business. He’s about persistence and accountability – two things that prove to be invaluable in the workplace.

hiring motivational speakers for businessAshton Kutcher: This actor is a lot more than just a pretty face. Although he has earned his fame by portraying numerous characters in both TV and film, Ashton is a business-savvy man with a game plan. Over the years, Ashton has put his mind to work and has not only co-founded multiple multimillion-dollar companies, but also invested in numerous startups that have shaped the consumer markets. After starting his own investment firm, A-Grade, he’s invested in Uber, Airbnb, Shazam, Spotify, and SoundCloud, just to name a few. This loveable idiot on-screen is actually a business-minded individual with more to offer than just his investments. Ashton Kutcher is one of the speakers for business who can really engage with his audience in a relatable and humorous way to implement a can-do attitude that will resonate greatly with your employees.

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