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Check Out 2018’s Hottest Business Keynote Speakers For Hire

Each year businesses gear up for summits, conferences, internal seminars and much more.

The idea is to increase productivity, revenue, employee motivation and overall happiness. It’s to build the kind of company everyone wants to work with, either internally or in partnership. Many companies put on motivational business events. Why? For one, it’s fun to hear successful people talk about achievements; but another thing, there’s insight to learn along the way. When you book business keynote speakers for hire, you get that one-two punch of an entertaining speaker, combined with wisdom.

No two people are alike, and that idea could not be more true for this year’s biggest motivational business keynote speakers. To choose, think about what your company’s goals are, and what you’d like your audience to take away. Then, give Celebrity Speakers Bureau a call to connect with a speaker booking agent so we can hire business speakers who will blow your event out of the water. Read on to get a taste!

The Self-Starter:

Who doesn’t love an underdog tale? Self-starter entrepreneurs are some of the most beloved motivational speakers. These have proven to be some of the most inspiring talks because they show that with the right stamina, perseverance, and a good idea, it’s possible to really soar. Media expert Gary Vaynerchuk came to America with his family as a child. A new language, culture, and a lack of connections didn’t provide much foundation for Gary’s future. Still, when he had a good idea, and he went for it. Using YouTube videos, Gary founded an empire and he’s considered one of the biggest success stories in America.

Other people were forced into their success. Take Elise Mitchell, who had to leave her job at a PR agency when her husband landed a coveted position in a new town. Instead of throwing in the towel, Mitchell started her own company – a risk since the location wasn’t a hub for PR. But it didn’t matter. The company was a massive success, acquired by Aegis, a big name in Japan, where Mitchell is now CEO.

Self-starter Cynthia Kersey began her career as a secretary at Sprint, but she rose the ranks, ending up as the leading salesperson in the entire company. Now Kersey gives back with her own company, Unstoppable Foundation, a successful non-profit organization where she raises money for women and children in need.

Finally, this self-starter needs little introduction – entrepreneur and extraordinary speaker Mark Cuban continues to light up business events all over the country. His experience in media, sports, and taking risks makes him a big ticket for any event. If you want a big keynote speaker, look no further.

The Business Guru:

Some professionals are so intuitive with business needs, they’re in the business of building business. All of these celebrity speakers have backgrounds in corporations, but what they each found was a big picture understanding of industry, and that they could successfully apply that understanding to help companies achieve. A speaker like Steve Farber is ideal for growing leadership skills, which is his main focus. You could go with Lori Greiner, a highly sought out marketing expert whose background in business, direct-to-consumer sales, and as an author can directly show you how to ramp up your marketing in a fun, dynamic talk.

Or, you could go with another marketing specialist like Kim Garst. Top of the game, Forbes named Garst one of the Top 10 Social Media Influencers in the world. She puts her money where her mouth is, too – in addition to being a professional business speaker, Garst has her own company, Boom! Social, which provides consultation for top brands like Microsoft and MasterCard.

Advertising expert Rohan Oza knows a thing or two about how people buy. A former strategist for Coca-Cola, Rohan went on to develop hugely successful marketing campaigns for brands such as VitaminWater, PopChips and Bai. A fun, personable speaker, Rohan is a great choice for a fun event from someone who knows all about branding.

A powerhouse on the speaker circuit is Scott Duffy. Trained under the incomparable Tony Robbins, and after a stint working for online media companies, Duffy created his own company, Smart Charter, which featured an aviation booking tool so good it was acquired by Virgin. Now, Duffy’s a high profile professional business guru. Both Entrepreneur and Forbes have listed him as a top keynote speaker.

The Niche Expert:

Some experts know their way inside and out of an industry. These speakers are perfect for any company, though, because they truly understand the intricacies of business in a way that a person with a broader career path would not. Shep Hyken is an expert in customer service. Everyone can use a little help here, even if it translates to the way departments interact with one another instead of helping actual customers. This skill is particularly useful when dealing with a client, too.

Michael Brenner is a content and marketing specialist, and for companies in this day and age, this expertise is akin to a person needing air. Brenner is one of the best speakers in America, named a top CMO Influencer by Forbes and a Top Business Speaker by Huffington Post. Brenner’s background is in sales and marketing for both heavy hitters like SAP, as well as startup companies. Now, he runs Marketing Insider Group, too.

A star in advertising, Sally Hogshead really understands people. In fact, that’s the basis of her success. Hogshead began as an advertising copywriter, and moved onto big success working at Wieden+Kennedy, and then Crispin Porter + Bogusky before branching out on her own. What Hogshead wanted to know, and really needed to know in order to write compelling copy, was why some brands were more appealing to people than others. Based on research she commissioned out, Hogshead came up with The Fascination Advantage, a test that indicated how fascinating a brand, or person was, which she called the F Score. What followed were books, consultations, and a big career in business expertise. Hogshead is one of the top business speakers around.

The Motivator:

Sometimes the best business speakers aren’t actually business people. Yet, they come from a background in which they surmount incomparable odds, or strive for unfathomable achievements. The idea isn’t too different from that of the self-starter speaker. Inspiration comes from success. Perhaps one of the most famous motivational speaker is Nick Vujicic, who was born without arms or legs, but has a deformed foot that allows him to grasp and control things, which in many ways has afforded him a livable life. Or James Lawrence, who had a ridiculous goal – 50 ironman-distance events, in 50 states – in 50 consecutive DAYS. In 2015, he achieved his goal.

Or look to Roddy Chong, a professional violist. American by citizenship, Chinese by ethnicity, Roddy loved the violin and wanted to pursue a career involving the instrument. He found his unique situation to be a plus, as he competed for country music and rock gigs, even if the violin and an Asian American wasn’t the typical fare. Hard work earned him not only a world-renowned reputation as a violinist, but, surprisingly, Chong was approached by corporations for his ethic, tenacity, and creativity. Now, Chong’s one of the most unique and highly praised celebrity business speakers.

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