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Rachel Pedersen

Rachel Pedersen

Social Media Expert

  • Social Media Expert
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    Rachel Pedersen

    Social Media Expert

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    Rachel Pedersen is an expert in all things social media! She has found success on every single platform with over 1.2 million followers, and now shares all her expertise with the  world. Pedersen is committed to empowering those looking to share their voice on social media, especially busy parents like herself. 

    Featured in countless news reports, magazines, and articles like Forbes, USA Today, Daily Mail, and Entrepreneur.com, this social media virtuoso has made a huge name for herself. She is active on all social media platforms, with a following of nearly 700 thousand on TikTok, 300 thousand on Facebook, 117 thousand on Instagram, 80 thousand on Youtube, and more.

    In 2016, Pedersen decided to become the boss of her own life. This included not only her time and money, but her dreams, goals, and personal growth. Before this change, she had dropped out of college with not so much as a savings account in her name. She was a single mother on welfare and food stamps, struggling with alcoholism, and barely getting by. 

    Through perseverance and self-learning, she has become the CEO and founder of two multi-million dollar companies with the support of her partner in life & business, her husband Paul. Pedersen is a true self-made success story, as well as an incredible champion for self-advocacy and sobriety. 

    One of the most impressive parts of Pederson’s success is how she balances all the responsibilities of a busy parent, and still manages to be one of the greatest minds in social media marketing. Fellow parents who want to grow their online presence are one of Pedersen’s target audiences. She posts daily updates on her own life and business, as well as fantastic tips and exclusive industry secrets. 

    Pedersen’s podcast Social Media Secrets has rapidly grown among people interested in growing their businesses. Hundreds of thousands of listeners tune in each week. She also offers one-on-one consultations for businesses to learn concrete, profitable methods to grow their social media presence. Pederson also shares helpful advice and tips on her YouTube channel, to which she has nearly 80 thousand subscribers.

    A unique feature that Pedersen offers is a texting line, where she sends personalized texts to thousands of followers each week with uplifting messages and tips. She is committed to helping her followers every step of the way, and boosting morale whenever possible.

    Pedersen would make a fantastic motivational speaker for those looking to get into the world of entrepreneurship or social media. With her inspiring college dropout turned social media expert story, she proves that anything is possible with a drive and persistence. She has taken social media strategy to the next level, not just for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business but for industry leaders and parents as well. 

    Rachel Pedersen is available for speaking at virtual events for groups (including businesses or other interest groups) looking for inspiring stories and social media expertise. Due to the unique nature of large virtual events, the speaking fee varies depending on the type of event. If interested in hiring Pedersen, please contact us and we can provide you with the necessary information.

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