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Camilla Mendes

Camilla Mendes

  • American Actress
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  • Women's Empowerment Advocate

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    Camilla Mendes

    Celebrity, Empowered Women, Empowerment, Famous Model Speakers, Health & Wellness Influencers, Popular Female Actresses, Social Media Influencer, Top Motivational Speakers

    Widely known for her role on The CW’s series Riverdale, Camilla Mendes is a young, fresh celebrity speaker, actress, and model. Her first acting job at an early age was an IKEA commercial in 2016. From there, she became the actress of her generation as leading role, Veronica Lodge, in the Riverdale series, which was also added to Netflix. As the show become more popular, Camilla Mendes became the cover on Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Teen Vogue, Shape, and more.

    Motivational speaker Camilla Mendes’s Instagram portrays her passions and values. She posts frequently about women’s empowerment, injustice, and eating disorders. Camilla shares her struggles and experiences with her huge social media following of 21.9 million followers.

    The real, honest, raw young actress is not afraid to tell others how she feels and what she is struggling with. In an interview with Nylon Magazine, Camilla shared her thoughts on her eating disorder. She states, “The American idea of beauty is being thin, being slender, and tall. When I see Ashley Graham photo I’m like, ‘She looks gorgeous!’ And when I see Rihanna, who is incredibly inspiring me these days, you know, she’ll acknowledge she gained a little weight.”

    Speaking on eating disorders and confidence, she then goes on to say, “Most people don’t look like that so why is that the body that we’re all modeling ourselves after? … Now, we have so many different body types that are being protrayed in a beautiful light. People are seeing these people as beautiful, successful, and they’re not just being valued for their looks- but for their confidence, and for their talents, and for their intelligence, for their social activism.”

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