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Hire the Right Speaker for Your Next Speaker Summit

Speaker Summits are a wonderful way for industries and companies to come together and innovate. They’re great for learning, for bringing minds together, for inciting changes in your industry, and sparking creativity where things may be lagging a bit. Organizations committed to driving ideas forward should absolutely hold speaker summits. But the key to a successful summit lies with its speakers. The idea of hiring dozens or even hundreds of motivational speakers can be incredibly daunting. It’s work you don’t have to do yourself, though, and that’s why agencies like Celebrity Speakers Bureau exist. We can hand pick each and every guest speaker from our database deliver a keynote aligned perfectly with your summit goals!

About Speaker Summits:

The overarching idea behind speaker summits is progress. Any number of famous motivational speakers are brought in to talk to an audience of people, and everyone is somehow affiliated, although in different capacities. The goal of a summit is to incite an industry change.

What Makes a Good Summit:

If a summit’s purpose is to make meaningful progress and positive change, it only makes sense that the summit has a clear, focused direction. The idea is to understand what you want to accomplish, and then how. Is this a massive, public event that will be held in a big city convention center? Or is this an intimate invite-only affair in smaller venue? Likely, the one you might put together is somewhere in the middle. An industry-specific event in which several organizations and decision makers are invited to attend and contribute. What matters is that your audience takes something away from what they’ve learned. The setting and the attendees help to set the tone. But what you really need to focus on is your summit keynote speakers. That’s where we come in.

Who Should Speak at Your Summit:

Anyone who you admire should speak at your summit. That’s the easy answer. The better answer is, anyone who gets what you do and has a unique perspective is who you should hire for your event. That might include people you’ve never heard of, and frankly, those are some of the best celebrity speakers to hire because they will introduce your audience to new ideas vs. the same old industry song and dance they’re used to.

Of course, the purpose of the event matters. Each event dictates the type of keynote speaker you should bring in. It’ll be a mash-up, for sure, and that’s the point. In order to bring in new ideas, you have to have a variety of perspectives. But you need to have one clear direction. And once you have it, we can sit down and put together a truly phenomenal summit conference with you jam-packed with famous motivational speakers.

Summit Styles:

There are a ton of different kinds of speaker summits you can organize. At the moment, tech reigns as the most popular summit. The world is changing, and tech is the driving force. It makes sense that so many businesses want to keep their finger on the latest innovations and thus are hiring lots of tech speakers to headline their events.

But “tech” is broad, and a little vague. What does tech refer to exactly? Probably the more beneficial approach is to break it out: you could do a social media conference and hire speakers like former Facebook Director of Market Development Randi Zuckerberg or technology marketing expert Jim Lauderbeck.

The big marketing edge in the digital world today is SEO. A summit featuring how users interact and find information, and how they will do so in the future, makes for a productive event. Exciting business speakers include Abigail Posner at Google or Sally Hogshead, one of the top marketing experts in the industry.

We live in an innovative time. The business landscape is changing, which means many companies are constantly looking to keep a leg up on industry happenings, not just in tech, but in operations. CEOs and entrepreneurs make excellent speakers for a business summit. Some of our favorites are business titan and former Chairman & CEO of General Electric Jack Welch, and UGG boots founder Brian Smith. Alexis Mayback, Co-Founder of Gilt, and Jennifer Hyman, Founder of Rent the Runway are excellent newer arrivals on the business scene. Monster.com founder Jeff Taylor offers something in between – how to start up and stay up.

It may not seem like it, but there’s a world outside your iPhone. It’s true! And one of the hottest industries after tech is health. How often have you seen a magazine with a wellness topic showcased on the cover? Almost every day. People want to be healthy, keep their weight in check, and live long and full lives. Hit speaker summits can be about diets and health, lifestyle, the obesity epidemic, or other medical issues. Our long list of health and wellness speakers know all about developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can go with a fitness speaker, like Tony Horton, creator of P90X, or Amy Cuddy, social wellness psychologist.

Health doesn’t just happen in the gym. We have celebrity chef personalities who make health a part of their mission, like Candice Kumai, Robin Miller, and Devin Alexander. You can even incorporate a live cooking demonstration which really brings the performance to life for the audience.

Sport speakers are another great category for industry summits. It could be linked to health, or it could target team work, leadership, and/or beating the competition. Coaches are excellent speakers for these events. Think Tony Dungy, Joe Torre, and Bill Parcells. You could go with retired athletes, too, like Monica Selles, Carl Lewis, John Elway, and Jesse Palmer.

These are just a few ideas but we’d love to hear your thoughts on your upcoming summit and desired speaker direction. A speaker booking agent at Celebrity Speakers Bureau can help narrow down speaker options so you can assemble a winning platform for your next big summit. Contact us, and we’ll put together a roster of inspiring keynote speakers, ensuring an impactful, memorable event!

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