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Here we are, in the thick of prime sports season. March Madness, NBA playoffs, hockey, soccer, Olympics, and soon, baseball are all in full swing. Athletes are driven individuals. Sure, they have awe-inspiring talent, but it takes a lot more than just a good arm to become a record-breaking quarterback like Tom Brady for example. Practice, dedication, comradery, competition and the ability to stay cool under extremely high-stress situations are all traits every athlete needs to possess. Now say you want hire athlete speaker Tom Brady or another top athlete speaker to share their insights and experience with your audience. What’s your game plan?

Athletes are a top pick for companies when they look to hire motivational speakers for special events. There’s so much to learn from the career of a top athlete and their celebrity clout only adds to the buzz around your event. It’s no secret business and sports success have a lot in common! Take a look at our list of key topics below that all athlete speakers can attest to and relay to your audience. You’ll find out why so many companies seek out sports celebrity keynote speakers for their events.


Every team has a leader. To a certain extent, everyone needs to know how to lead in life and business. Business professionals will face situations in which they must lead, and they need to know how to make their own executive decisions. Leadership is the ability to guide and inspire your peers to make quick, sound decisions, and to stand your ground. But a, you must also be willing to admit when you’re wrong.

Some of sports’ greatest leaders are now on the speaking circuit to share their knowledge with others. Peyton Manning, Tony Dungy and Magic Johnson are three of the top athlete speakers and sports leaders available for hire today. Manning’s dedication to his craft, never say never attitude, and his strive for constant excellence motivated his team to always work their hardest each and every game. It resulted in wins.

Then there’s Tony Dungy. The first African-American head coach to win a Super Bowl. He did it with class, and taught his players valuable lessons on and off the field that will last a lifetime. Tony epitomizes the type of leader that all sports coaches and players strive to be.

Finally, basketball legend Magic Johnson was an epic leader. He would joke about how much he hated Larry Bird, his rival at the time, but in truth he learned from him and applied that knowledge to himself and the team. He was always looking at what his competitors were doing, and learned from their achievements. Johnson assessed his strengths and weaknesses on a regular basis, always re-aligning both himself and his team for greatness.


Johnson didn’t just work for himself, he was striving for the whole team. While that made him an excellent leader, it also made him one of the team. The same goes for Manning and Dungy. Leadership plays into teamwork, no question. U.S. soccer legend Mia Hamm is widely considered the best female soccer player ever, but she never takes credit. Rather, she understands that it was all about team. She’s said it’s the team that’s the champion, rather than one player. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, and it’s important to play off them, and come together. Hamm says leaning on one another is a valuable part of teamwork.

Indeed, utilizing the members of your team’s various abilities is the best way to get top results. Who’s your best sales team member? Best researcher? What are they doing that is successful and how can they build up those around them to achieve the same success? Teamwork is vital to success in sports and business.

Work Ethic:

Showing up is half the game, people say. It seems easy enough, but when you’re broken down, exhausted, and your muscles ache, it’s hard to get yourself there. But professional athletes do it. Persevering in tough situations, rather than sitting on the sideline, is what gets a win. Hard work pays off in the moment when you just don’t want to continue, but you must.

There’s so much that goes into preparation. For athletes, it’s about strategizing plays, as well as conditioning. When he was first on the scene, there were funny articles about what Olympic swimming star Michael Phelps used to eat in a day. The list was astounding, but it was what he needed in order to swim for hours on end, weight train, and build the kind of strength and stamina required to win all those gold medals. The MLB’s “Iron Man” Cal Ripken set the record for most consecutive games played in 1996. He played an astounding  2,632 consecutive games over the course of 16 years. Having a work ethic like this is what’s required to be great in any capacity.

Beating the Competition:

What does it take to be the best of all time in your field? Look to Serena Williams. She’s won more grand slam titles than anyone in the Open era. Ever. That’s a feat. This star claims she hates losing more than she likes winning. It’s an attitude that isn’t about vanity, rather, avoiding what she hates. There’s always room for improvement with this point of view. She says she always goes on court thinking she can win, though. Confidence is key.

But confidence within reason! Golf legend Jack Nicklaus says he made his mistakes when he was overconfident. When he first got on the course, he never started hitting like a bat out of hell. He needed the nerves to settle – even Nicklaus gets nerves. He said he has to be able to think clearly in order to succeed. Take a moment to breathe and consider your course, and how you’re going to win. That’s the ticket to Nicklaus’ success.

Determination, hard work, perseverance, teamwork, and solid leadership are all qualities that make for both a world-class athlete, and an excellent employee or team. We think athletes make incredible motivational speakers for any event. They’re also excellent for meet and greets, or an event in which they can show off their talents. Panel discussions and seminars really get to the heart of a topic. As you can see, each sport requires something different; tennis is an individual sport while soccer is a team endeavor, but both Hamm and Williams will overlap in their stories and attitudes.

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