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Female Motivational Speakers Rule the Stage at The Ultimate Women’s Expo

Female Motivational Speakers Steal the Spotlight at Keynote Events In 2018:

2018 is a year of change and empowerment for women all over the world. Consequently, female motivational speakers are in incredibly high demand and their schedules are filling up quick! At Celebrity Speakers Bureau, our goal is to answer the questions companies and organizations have about booking female motivational speakers. We have the connections on the speaker circuit to be able to find out speaker availability, fee, and typical speech topics in 24 hours or less! We save you time and money in your search for the perfect keynote speaker. Don’t know who is the best fit for your audience? No problem! We’ll create a list of the best available speakers in your certain budget range to choose from.

A great example of a successful event with female motivational speakers is the Ultimate Women’s Expo. This annual event has been around for decades, aimed entirely at improving women’s lifestyles. Intrigued? You should be! It’s an ingenious concept that’s been successful many times over. Learn more about this incredible expo for tips and ideas for hiring a female motivational speaker.

The Event Details:

What, exactly, is this crazy event? It’s a massive, multi-city extravaganza directed at women’s interests. There are inspirational talks, celebrity keynote speakers, and a massive vendor expo featuring everything from manicures, wine, and food tastings to book signings, product launches from known brands like Williams Sonoma and Sephora, cooking equipment and lessons, gardening, and children’s merchandise.

This year the expo kicks off in Orange County, California running the weekend of April 14-15, and then it continues to Phoenix, Arizona on April 28-29, and on to six other cities over the course of the year. These first two events offer a great platform for what’s to come. Events include celebrity speakers, workshops, interactive activities, and shopping. In short, it’s the ultimate ladies’ weekend!

Participation is Essential:

While the goal is to cater to women, it’s really the vendors who score big. In this arena, celebrity entrepreneurs, start-ups, corporate staples, and everything in between have a unique chance to be in the same room with all the people they spend time thinking about in their business lives. It’s their competition as well as business connections resulting in brand leads and other opportunities.

But, most importantly, brands get to interact directly with their customers. This is a unique opportunity to see who really is interested in your product. Do they think it’s priced right, where are they from, how old are they, what else are they interested in? These are all questions that can be asked directly to the person buying, or not buying, a product.

Even more, women come here to buy things. Who wouldn’t want to be in a place where people are geared to spend money? Thousands of women attend the two-day event, so what better way to get your name out there than an opportunity like this? Even if no one buys anything, companies get a chance to promote and market, and that can lead to sales later down the road.

What’s Happening? Highlights of the Expo:

So what, exactly, is available for women this year? In Orange County, highlights include a talk by Ally Spinu, CEO of Mobile Styles, in which she discusses the beauty industry, what’s on demand, and employment paths. The talk “How to Find Happiness and Balance” by Nurturing Mind, Body, and Beauty is presented by Dr. Lingham, who’s an expert in Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old Indian Science of Life. Finally, women who want to rise up should attend the “What is Your ASK?” talk by Deborah Kantor, who encourages women to speak up and stop being overly polite. Financial advising is recommended by Sarah Stouffer, and, to lighten up a little, there’s the “Let’s Go Wine Tasting on Your Couch!” event that unveils the fabulous opportunity of working with Traveling Vineyards.

In Phoenix, attendees can look forward to the “Art of Mindfulness,” a talk that promotes a balanced, thoughtful life, or “Raising a Balanced Child in an Imbalanced World,” aimed at mothers who can help their children also be mindful and fulfilled. There’s “Invest With Confidence, 5 Simple Tips for Getting Started as a Real Estate Investor” for women looking to make some bucks, and “Commitment to Excellence,” presented by Geneva Financial aimed at women who want to get sound financial advice.

The exhibits include gardening workshops, crafting, spa treatments, wine tastings, and a load of accessories to indulge in. For example, there’s jewelry making and an opportunity to create a succulent plant container. Vendors are vast and creative, which is what’s necessary at an event like this. You have mothers, wives, singles, divorcees, careerists, retirees, college kids, homeowners, and homemakers. With a wide range of women, you have to have a wide range of products. What’s great is the opportunity for a little cross-over buying, too.

Incredible Motivational Speakers:

Orange County:

But, before all that, both expos boast an incredible roster of keynote speakers. Each expo features several personalities, each with a totally different background. This is a smart move—now, every woman can listen to a keynote who will speak directly to her.

In Orange County, Teri Hatcher will own the stage. She’s a well-known actress, but not many people are aware that Hatcher is also an accomplished chef, having gone to culinary school. She brought that talent to the screen and won her round of the cooking show, Chopped. This uber talent is launching her new YouTube series, Hatching Change, in which she aims to unite people from all walks of life.

In addition, Bravo fans will love hearing Shannon Beador of the Real Housewives of Orange County give a keynote. Guaranteed to be entertaining, Beador’s talk will likely also discuss living a healthy lifestyle, which is a top priority for her. The mother of three is a proponent for holistic homes and eliminating toxins from daily lives.

Finally, Mario Lopez is another great keynote speaker who will be at the Orange County event. The Emmy-winning daytime talk show host, television star, dancer, Broadway actor, cookbook author, and children’s book author is about as vast it gets. But, Lopez does have a focus, and that’s health. Nutrition and exercise are priorities for the personality, as is philanthropy.


In Phoenix, the keynotes are just as exciting. Superstar celebrity chef and actress Valerie Bertinelli keynotes. Like Lopez, Bertinelli seems to be able to do it all. An incredible actress, she’s also a wonderful cook with her own television show, Valerie’s Home Cooking, and cookbook by the same name.

Attendees in Phoenix can also see their own Real Housewives star. From the New York edition, Dorida Medley is the ultimate New York and London socialite. Her connections, stories, and cashmere clothing line, DCL, make her a fascinating speaker.

Finally, for a one-two punch, a duel keynote talk features both MC Lyte and Dr. Lynn Richardson. MC Lyte has been recording hip-hop music since she was 17 years-old, and she now has 12 albums to her name. She’s also a voice over talent, a public speaker and a philanthropist. Richardson is a financial expert, specializing in banking and real estate, and has authored many books on these topics—including one with MC Lyte, which they will sign for attendees.

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The Ultimate Women’s Expo is an incredibly fun, motivational time for all in attendance. This is a great example of how to creatively put together your own event. So, call one of our talent agents today to learn more about expos, female motivational speakers, and their rates and availability.

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