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book health and fitness speakers

Why You Should Book Top Health and Fitness Speakers for Your Motivational Event

Learn why many companies and organizations have opted to book health and fitness speakers for their corporate events and internal meetings.

Health and fitness gurus are some of our most hired celebrity speakers for motivational events and expos heading into 2018. Stimulating and informative, these individuals are as popular as they are life-inspiring. They have great planning skills, know how to stick to a schedule, handle stress, and stay motivated when things get tough (on and off the treadmill). Most importantly, they make things happen, even when they don’t feel like it. These are the people who break down barriers each and every day. They are the ones who find that extra hour, go the extra mile, and have perfected the art of work-life balance.

These health and fitness speakers make every second of the day count. For events where you want to highlight things like productivity and building a positive daily routine, a health expert has the ability to energize your audience on these topics and more. For a motivational event, what’s more motivating than that person who finds a way to get up before dawn every day to do an hour of sprints? They’re experts, yes, but they’re also human. Book health and fitness speakers – they know the tricks to get your audience up and going!

Healthy Outlooks that Motivate:

Ever notice healthy people are extremely happy? They have so much energy and they’re always on the go. That’s because of their lifestyle. Establishing good habits comes from making time to take care of yourself. Health experts are balanced. Their adrenaline gets moving on a regular basis. They have methods to manage their stress. Exhaustion doesn’t sink in because their body is getting all the nutrients and the sleep it requires.

When you hire motivational speakers with an eye towards health and fitness, the greatest influence they’ll have on your audience will be centered around how to improve their lives in all aspects. Energetic, passionate employees tend to be healthy and balanced individuals. That means they’re happier at work and at home. Some view health as a dreaded concept, but these top health and fitness speakers turn all that on its head and, in turn, motivate your audience.

Inspiring Personal Stories:

book health and fitness speakers

It’s common to find that some health and fitness experts weren’t always so healthy. Surprise, surprise! In fact, most had to get to a place in which they weren’t healthy at all in order to figure out what worked. Motivational health and fitness speakers share personal stories about how they got to where they are today.

When you book health and fitness speakers to inspire at your event, they give your audience the confidence to apply changes to their own lives. Health and fitness celebrities are personable. They were once just like us. Think of everyone’s favorite weatherman Al Roker, celebrity chef and Biggest Loser cookbook author Devin Alexander or fitness expert Tracy Anderson. All of these individuals struggled with their weight for a number of years before they made a huge life change and took control of their health. Today, their healthy lifestyles have afforded them new opportunities and the ability to achieve the lofty goals they have set for themselves.

Productivity Tips:

Health and fitness encompasses many areas. There’s physical health, fitness health, emotional health, mental health, or simply developing an overall healthy lifestyle. All of us need to be clued into these areas and, when we’re busy, something usually doesn’t get the attention it deserves. So, we’re not exercising or we’re eating fast food because we’re too exhausted to cook or we’re upset about something in our lives but we don’t have the time to talk to someone. When things get out of balance there’s a domino effect and it’s not pretty.

book health and fitness speakers

Talks that center around how to fit in that extra hour each day are directly applicable to your audience members. Celebrity health speakers can give tips for meal prep, following a sleep schedule that works for you, how to manage your daily tasks more efficiently in and out of the office. Most employee discontent revolves around working too hard, never having enough time, and feeling stressed out. Learning how to make all the minutes of the day count has a direct effect on employee happiness and productivity.

Someone like celebrity personal trainer for hire Larysa DiDio is an excellent speaker for finding that extra hour, each and every day. Her specialty is family fitness and never accepting failure as an option.

Employee Incentives:

Motivational events don’t have to stop at the event – they stop only when you decide. That doesn’t mean your famous motivational speaker will be at the workplace’s disposal five days a week, it just means you, too, can take the ideas from a talk and make them function in the workplace.

Does your company have a fitness center? A nutritionist or a psychiatrist on site? What about healthy options in the cafeteria? If these are too expensive to maintain, you could adapt your employee insurance plan to one that accepts discounts for carriers with a gym membership or coverage for some of the lesser insured specialists, such as eye doctors. Some companies give discounts for places like Weight Watchers. Your own event can be a springboard for new ideas for corporate improvement.

Celebrity health and fitness speakers pack a powerful delivery simply in their presentation. True, they’re professionals after all, but health and fitness gurus have tangible, useable inspiration that applies to every person in the room, no matter what. Consider this when weighing your options.

Expert Business Men and Women:

book health and fitness speakers

Make no mistake – health gurus aren’t just eating right and exercising, they’re running a big business. Between marketing, funding, creating signature product lines, servicing clients, and managing budgets, you can be sure that any fitness expert puts in massive quantities of time to make a name for his or herself. Entrepreneurial types could learn a lot from health and fitness gurus. Speech topics can include how to take an idea and turn it into something people want, how to make a product more than just a product, how to manage your time, and how to turn a profit. These are all things every entrepreneur needs to know.

book health and fitness speakers

Social media has turned many fitness experts into celebrities. Take Kayla Itsines for example, whose Instagram account has turned into an international phenomenon – and she isn’t even thirty years old yet. While Itsines mostly concentrates on physical fitness, health expert Daphne Oz specializes in the food we eat, and the way we live our lives. Her hit cookbook An Adventure in Food, Style, and Everyday Fun is a prime example of the balanced life Oz recommends.

So many people dread making the difficult changes needed to become a healthy person, but, in the long run, being fit and nutritious feels good. Balanced lifestyles and learning to overcome challenges are tools that everyone can use in all aspects of their lives. If your event is to encourage productivity, inspire, or even just to inform, book health and fitness speakers to pump up your audience! Check out our full list of health and fitness speakers for hire here.

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