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Who Are The Top Artificial Intelligence Speakers Available For Your Event?

Artificial intelligence speakers are at the top of the speaker circuit shortlist in 2018 and beyond!

Artificial intelligence is a growing, major industry. As innovators dig deeper into technical capabilities, they’re finding that incredible innovative and fascinating mechanical evolutions are on the horizon. If done right, some artificial intelligence speakers believe AI can be a major benefit to the future of mankind, eliminating war, poverty, and disease. If done wrong, AI could be catastrophic.

Some of our most requested talks involve an AI expert. A tech speaker unravels a world most of us can hardly imagine. They focus mainly on cutting edge technology and how that will build our future. Listening to a talk like this is sort of like sitting in the middle of a science fiction movie, only you know all of this could soon become your real life. There’s no question hiring an innovative AI speaker can ignite imagination and curiosity in any audience.

At Celebrity Speakers Bureau, we can help you book artificial intelligence speakers with key anecdotes and insights to share with your audience. Below are some of our favorites!

hire henry harris-burlandHenry Harris-Burland: The future is intended to be more convenient. That’s a lifelong ambition for the human race – from the invention of the wheel to the telephone, the automobile, the airplane, the Internet, and, currently, Amazon’s delivery drones. But if Henry Harris-Burland has anything to say about it, drones aren’t the only way you’ll get your goods. Harris-Burland was working at the very traditional Rolls-Royce Motor Cars before he made the leap over to Starship Technology. The artificial intelligence at Starship centers around self-driving robotic delivery services, using sidewalks rather than air to delivery products within 15 to 30 minutes of the order. Harris-Burland talks about how this newest technology, not yet available globally, will help culture both socially and economically. Test marketing is still underway, but the future looks bright for Starship. A talk from artificial intelligence speakers like Harris-Burland envisions a new, improved way of living.

hire sophia robot and dr. hansonDr. Hanson and Sophia: Dr. David Hanson believes his robotics offer a path to a better life. Hanson, a PhD specialist in robotics, sculpture, and engineering, has been creating life-forms for years. He performed sculpture and research work at Disney Imagination Lab, Universal Studios, and MTV. In 2013, though, he branched off on his own and created Hanson Robotics, which creates human-simulated robots. His most successful and famous is Sophia, but there are many that’s he’s put to use. The most mind-blowing aspect of his robots is that through data, they can simulate human emotion, and can actually provide companionship and learning. He’s worked with autistic children with Zeno, a 2-foot tall cartoon robot, and he’s recreated famous figures like Albert Einstein. The dream behind Hanson’s work is to provide emotional support, security, entertainment, and tutorial help. Learn more about this fascinating AI work with Hanson and Sophia.

hire vivek wadhwaVivek Wadhwa: If you’re looking for a broader scope of AI at large, Vivek Wadhwa is an excellent choice. An expert in the field, Wadhwa has served as a research fellow at Stanford University, the Director of Research at Duke, and he’s currently a professor and Distinguished Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University’s campus in Silicon Valley, the heart of American innovation. A regular contributor to the Washington Post, among other publications, Wadhwa writes books as well. In 2017 his work The Driver in the Driverless Car, which reveals the myriad of incredible tech advances and how they impact our future, was named one of the Best Business Books in 2017 by the Financial Times. Other accolades for his insight and entrepreneurial work (he’s also the founder of software companies) include Time’s allotment among “40 Most Influential Minds in Tech” and his company, Relativity, was tapped by Fortune as one of the “25 coolest companies in the world.”

hire tom gruberTom Gruber: While some people might fear AI taking over the human race, Tom Gruber sees AI as a great accompaniment to the humanity. An example? Well, he invented Siri, which Apple bought and implemented in the iPhone and now all Apple devices. The purpose of Siri is to help you be more productive. That is, provide information to assist with everyday life. In his TED talk last year, Gruber gave an example of how his friend, a blind quadriplegic man, could use his iPhone with the aid of Siri. Gruber believes the future of humanity is on the cusp of great advancements due to artificial intelligence. Memory enhancement for Alzheimer’s patients and data work in medical fields to help cure cancer victims are ways AI can aid our daily lives. Practicality fueled innovation is the crux of what Gruber puts forth, and it’s a fascinating point of view.

hire dex torricke-bartonDex Torricke-Barton: A speech writer, Dex has worked with the most high profile, innovative corporations in the world. His work history ranges from the UN, Google, Facebook, and SpaceX. In essence, Dex is an expert on how technology and the world come together. He believes it’s through the internet that the future will be defined. In his TEDx talk in Boise last year, he addressed the impact a single photo on Facebook can make – indeed, it can change a person’s life. He discussed global changes and how the world is more united now than it’s ever been. His startup, Onwards, explores the social and economic divide in America, and how technology influences this problem. Then, using insight, they explore how to do the reverse. He talks about the rise in remote working and worldwide co-working, as well as rethinking how businesses must adapt as artificial intelligence and technology advance.

There’s no question artificial intelligence is the face of the future. The unknown is how it will affect our lives. How must businesses adjust to both manage and best utilize these exciting advancements? When you hire artificial intelligence speakers, you’re bringing in a person who thinks outside the box. A true creative with intent on making the world a better place. Constant improvement and discovery are the keys to AI talks, and if you’re looking to modernize your company, or ignite fresh wonder in your employees, an AI speaker is a fabulous option.

Our speakers bureau has access to these artificial intelligence speakers and many more! Call our speaker booking agents, and we’ll work with you to select the best AI speaker for your event goals. We have creative ideas for any budget. So call us today!

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