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Matthew Luhn

Matthew Luhn

Pixar Storyteller

  • Story Supervisor on Top Pixar Films Including Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc., Monsters University, Finding Nemo, UP, Cars, & Ratatouille
  • Top Creativity Keynote Speaker

Fee Range: $20,000 - $50,000

Topics: Famous Writers, Famous Leadership Speakers, Famous Celebrity Entertainers, Professional Business Speakers, Top Motivational Speakers,

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    Matthew Luhn

    Pixar Storyteller

    Famous Celebrity Entertainers, Famous Leadership Speakers, Famous Writers, Professional Business Speakers, Top Motivational Speakers

    Fee Range: $20,000 - $50,000

    Top creativity speaker for hire Matthew Luhn is one of the most prolific storytellers of our time. When Matthew dropped out of college at 19 to become the youngest animator on the Simpsons, he would never have guessed where he’d be today. Now, Matthew is a tenured animator and story supervisor at Pixar who’s worked on nearly every Pixar release since the late 90’s. As his career progressed, Matthew found a desire to share his own story and insights with others to inspire them in their own walks of life. He is now an accomplished motivational keynote speaker who’s been booked by some of the largest corporations worldwide. Some of those corporations include Lego, Sony, BMW, Paramount, Target, Nickelodeon, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Adidas, Google, the Stanford Graduate School of Business and LinkedIn just to name a few. 

    In Matthew’s decades of experience at Pixar, Matthew has heard thousands of pitches for movies and TV shows and he’s discovered why some become blockbusters and others don’t make the cut. The answer, according to Matthew, is “a process that focuses their team’s creativity into not only creating great ideas but also fleshing them out.” A process you can see succeed in every movie he has written for from Toy Story to Monsters Inc. to Ratatouille. Fun fact! The toys in the Toy Story movies were based on the toys Matthew had as a kid growing up. The characters Mike and Sully in Monsters, Inc., are also loosely based on Matthew’s and his college roommate. 

    The key to any good story, according to Matthew, is connecting the heart to business. This is achieved through storytelling that also enhances good, positive and productive communication internally and externally. Matthew has a few main keynotes he delivers that can be fully customized to fit your company’s or organization’s specific needs. These topics are: Storytelling for Business, Storytelling and Big Data, Inspiring Creativity in the Workplace, and Effective Leadership as told by movie heroes. In addition, Matthew also has a partnership with The General Pencil Company, the first US pencil manufacturer, in order to create a line of “how to draw” books and art programs for kids of all ages.

    Matthew has given speeches at TED and CIMC on creating stories in life and business. Through inspirational creativity and storytelling, Luhn helps other realize the potential of their own imagination and translate it to success in all of their personal and professional ventures.

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