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Chumlee Russell

Chumlee Russell

TV Personality

  • Starring in History Channel's "Pawn Stars"

Fee Range: $20,000 - $50,000

Topics: Reality TV Stars, Motivational Entrepreneur Speakers,

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    Chumlee Russell

    TV Personality

    Motivational Entrepreneur Speakers, Reality TV Stars

    Fee Range: $20,000 - $50,000

    Celebrity Speaker Austin Russell, better known as Chumlee, is a reality television personality and business owner. Chumlee got his childhood nickname from the cartoon show Tennessee Tuxedo that had a walrus sidekick named Chumlee.

    When Chum was twenty-one, he began working at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop helping with appraisals that mainly dealt with pinball machines, sneakers and video games. Five years later, the world famous pawn shop made its debut on the History Channel with its reality television series Pawn Stars. This hit series is filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada where it chronicles the daily activities that occur within the family owned business.

    Chumlee is the most-requested figure among the Pawn Star cast. He is part of the cast alongside his lifelong friends Corey or “Big Hoss”, Rick and Richard “Old Man” Harrison. He is often the butt of the jokes between the men. Throughout the show, he constantly begs Corey to buy him items that entertain him such as video games and circus paraphernalia. With all jokes aside, Corey still claims the title as the fan favorite.

    Since the show aired in 2009, Gold and Silver Pawn Shop has become a popular tourist attraction. More fans come to see Chumlee and his fellow cast members than ever before. The business went from seventy to over a thousand customers during a twenty-four hour period.

    After he gained his celeb status from Pawn Stars, he started his own business of designing t-shirts and selling novelty items.  He recently partnered with Rick and together they manage the shop and merchandise.

    In 2013, Chumlee altered his lifestyle habits and became another inspirational weight loss celebrity. By improving his diet and exercising at the gym six days a week, he lost a total of seventy-five pounds in a year.

    It’s hard not to love Chumlee with his bubbly personality, non-stop jokes and heart of gold. There is no doubt he makes a great Celebrity Speaker.

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