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What Is The Best Way To Determine Motivational Speaker Fees?

Hiring Famous Motivational Speakers

Celebrity Speakers Bureau has a massive SEO and pay-per-click campaign drawing quality traffic to our site for many different types of businesses, non-profits, conferences, events and many others programs all searching for two pieces of important information:

  • #1: What is the interest and schedule availability of a famous motivational speaker?

  • #2: What are the motivational speaker fees associated with speaker “X”?

In this blog post, we will focus on motivational speaker fees and the best way to determine the motivational speaker fees associated with any celebrity speaker you are looking to hire for an upcoming event. It is important to understand that motivational speaker fees are subject to change at any time given a celebrity’s current clout and fluctuating popularity. In addition, many A-List celebrity public speakers do not have a rate card for speaking engagements and will only review appearance inquiries on an event-by-event basis.

The following are 3 key factors you must know when determining motivational speaker fees for hiring at your next event or program:

motivational speaker fees#1: Scope of Work for the Public Speaker – It is imperative that you are very clear what the exact scope of work is for the motivational speaker up front so that the motivational speaker/agent can quote you a legitimate fee. For instance, if a motivational speaker is coming in and doing a 45-minute prepared speech and that is it, then there is an expectation they are leaving immediately after the talk. If you notify the speaker or the booking agent sometime close to the event that they are actually required to execute a keynote motivational speech, plus do a 30-minute Q+A followed by pictures and a book signing for 600 people, we can assure you that is a completely different fee. As the buyer of celebrity talent, you must be in full disclosure of what you actually want the speaker to do. Transparency and decisiveness when determining your speaker scope of work is critical. In addition, there needs to be a designated point of contact from your organization so there are not multiple people asking for different executions that can confuse a speaker’s agent and lead to misquoted fees.

motivational speaker fees

#2: Travel and expense requirements for the celebrity aka. Logistics, logistics, logistics – Every successful event Celebrity Speakers Bureau has ever booked was a positive experience in part because of our “go-the-extra-mile” attitude in making sure every minute detail of our client’s event is mapped out and pre-determined. It is imperative that the fee requirements for travel and expenses are articulated in the talent contract that is signed between the motivational speaker and you the client. The number of plane tickets/hotel rooms, class of travel, ground transportation, origin and destination locations is all critical in determining the additional travel and expense costs on top of the net fee to talent.

motivational speaker fees

#3: Talent Fee, Commissions & Contract Terms for the public speaker for hire- As we share with all of our clients, we have a 100% transparency policy on motivational speaker fees. Celebrity Speakers Bureau does NOT flip contracts and we do NOT hide fees. As the buyer of talent you should know what every cent you pay goes to. This is how you are going to get the best speaker fee. Too many “outsourcers” are hiding fees of upwards of 30-45%! When you sign a contract, it should be between you and the speaker; not you and the speakers bureau. If you are only contracting with the “middle man”, that is a clear indication that they are taking a huge percentage of the fee for their commission. Celebrity Speakers Bureau will never upcharge or go beyond the agreed upon fee. We have you sign a separate agreement which outlines our services and agency fee as your acting agency of record. Then we assist in drafting a contract between you and your desired speaker so you are in a legally-binding agreement directly with the speaker to deliver against the services requested and all costs are clearly articulated.

motivational speaker fees

Ultimately, when hiring a motivational speaker it is important to know what you are asking for and who you are dealing with! The wrong agency might turn your end of year celebration into a nightmare if not handled correctly! That’s where we come in. Celebrity Speakers Bureau and our experienced team of speaker booking agents will not only help you determine motivational speaker fees but also brainstorm with you to figure out the most relevant and relatable motivational speaker for your audience. Contact us today via email at to discuss speaker options for your next event!

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