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There are only two questions that customers ask when hiring a motivational speaker:


  • How much?
  • Are they available?


And while these two questions begin the journey, it is only the first steps to actually securing the Talent.   Most pricing is standardized by the agency that reps the talent. Here’s a scenario. Let’s say popular speakers like Randi Zuckerberg ($90,000 plus travel/expenses), Robin Roberts ($125,000 all in) or possibly Peyton Manning ($100,000 plus travel/expenses) cost this much. Their fees have long been established and are very dependable.  But these are just what the speaker gets. While there is an incremental “service charge” for the speakers bureau’s time, efforts and expertise.


And herein is where the fee really varies wildly!


  1. Speakers Bureau Agency Fee:


Most bureaus charge between 10-25% depending on many factors. From the size of the deal (small fees – higher commission) to the amount of perceived work, to the corporate profit motive.  No two speakers bureaus have the same fee structure or services even for the same speaker. So it is imperative that the company/event/University/non-profit, etc. does their due diligence on whether or not they are overpaying.   Many times the buyer is offered an agreement with one fee and the signature line has the speakers bureau sign the contract vs the talent.  When that happens, the speakers bureau is “flipping” the contract.  While nothing is unethical about it, it happens. Unless of course the speakers bureau is hiding the fact that they are taking 50, 60, even 75% commission. Just don’t be naive to this reality.   There are bad actors in the speaking business as there are in all other businesses.


Ultimately, the buyer should be aware of how much they are paying in commission, even if the contract is being flipped.  While one price seems convenient it may ultimately cost you double so be aware, be engaged and don’t allow others to cut corners in order to get overpaid.

Up to 30% is actually fair and industry standards in 2019.


      2. Who do I hire as my inspirational motivational speaker?


This is one of the most commonly asked questions. Your target audience is the most important aspect. Following that is the type of message and results you are looking for. As an example, if you want an Olympic great like Dara Torres, Aly Raisman, Shawn Johnson, Janet Evans, Mark Spitz or Michael Phelps, they take you on a journey and inspire. They did it with class and by representing their country.  But they are not high end business speakers that are firing up an International sales group towards achieving their sales quotas.  But, in the same regard, hiring sports speakers like Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant or former NBA commissioner David Stern, give you globally respected international businessmen who can deliver an inspiring speech at the highest level.


So the goal of the talent buyer should be to determine if they want relevant story tellers or affective change-makers for their attendees?  This determination means everything to the talent booking agent who at Celebrity Speakers Bureau who wants to assist you.


In conclusion, it is easy to open a search on Google and type in “Hire a celebrity speaker” and shift through the ads. Scanning the natural search to find hundreds of agencies while the true best fit for your event is someone that is an expert in the above tactics is futile.  Finding a highly experienced talent booking agent to help you research, vet, negotiate, tender a contract, and assist in the activation all the way through event date is a science, not a basic skill set.  At Celebrity Speakers Bureau we handle every lead as if it was our last.  This type of dedication to your success is rare and is what we pride ourselves on.


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