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Bert Jacobs

Bert Jacobs

Co-Founder of Life is Good

  • Chief Executive Optimist of Life is Good Company

Fee Range: $50,000 - $100,000

Topics: CEO Keynote Speakers, Motivational Entrepreneur Speakers, Innovative Entrepreneur Speakers, Philanthropy Speakers,

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    Bert Jacobs

    Co-Founder of Life is Good

    CEO Keynote Speakers, Innovative Entrepreneur Speakers, Motivational Entrepreneur Speakers, Philanthropy Speakers

    Fee Range: $50,000 - $100,000

    Business speaker Bert Jacobs is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Optimist of Life is Good Company. He and his brother founded the company with the intent to inspire and spread optimism throughout their community and help promote philanthropic nonprofit work.

    Bert Jacobs and his brother John started by selling t-shirts on the streets of Boston. The brothers then spent the next five years designing and selling t-shirts on streets and in college dorms up and down the east coast. Without much success and running low on money the brothers were close to giving up. That is when the brothers together came up with three simple words that would change their lives forever: Life is Good. This was the birth of the brand that we know today and when they began to put this simple phrase on their clothing the brother’s products and overall message began to resonate with people and the company grew to be worth over $100 million dollars with over 200 employees.

    What the business speaker has created with Life is Good is more than a merchandise company, he created a lifestyle brand. The company has the goal of sharing one simple mission to its community: Life is not perfect. Life is not easy. Life is good. Through this message and their philanthropy, they aim to spread the power of optimism to everyone they can.

    Sticking to their values of spreading optimism, Bert and John decided that 10% of all proceeds of the Life is Good Company go to children in need. The brothers and their company realize that life is not necessarily good for all children right now and through their partnership with leading childcare organizations are doing everything in their power to change that.

    Business Speaker Bert Jacobs is an incredibly powerful speaker who can speak on a variety of impactful topics. From detail-oriented business strategies to philanthropy to personal improvement and advice to help lead the audience to the path of happiness, Bert Jacobs can cover it all.

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    TV Shows & Appearances: ABC News’ Nightline, CNNMoney, NBC’s The Today Show,

    Featured in: New York TimesInc. Magazine, Men’s Health and Wall Street Journal


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