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Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity Endorsements With Celebrity Speakers Bureau

In early 2017, many companies have contacted Celebrity Speakers Bureau (CSB) to assist in securing celebrity endorsements for their upcoming campaigns and programs. Did you know Celebrity Speakers Bureau has been at the forefront of celebrity acquisition for over 20 years?! Our principles have generated over $70,000,000 in deals secured utilizing celebrity spokespeople who truly move the needle amongst target consumers for each brand or organization. These celebrity endorsements could be for any of the following:

  • PR Campaign
  • Infomercial/Direct Response
  • Video/Content Generation
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Personal Appearances
  • Store Openings
  • Traditional Advertising

Celebrity Speakers Bureau has been the preferred agency of record for brands and organizations in many industry categories such as hair care, beauty, auto, airline, credit card, apparel, footwear, insurance, non-profits, telecommunications and pharmaceutical and that’s only the short list! When a client comes to us and asked to “hire a celebrity” or “hire a sports star” or hire this specific person or that person, we will do all the vetting of the potential celebrity spokesperson, we will determine if there are any category conflicts with their existing celebrity endorsements, and we will search any other campaigns they are involved with to ascertain potential cross-promotional partners.

celebrity endorsements celebrity speakers bureauWe start by listening to your campaign needs, budget and goals to develop a list of 3-5 top names that tie-in with the vision of your campaign. After your organization has a chance to review the list and decide on your desired celebrity spokesperson, we can then start to negotiate an agreement with the celebrity talent representative. Let us be clear: Negotiating celebrity talent deals is a slow and difficult process. The goal is to come out of any good contract negotiation with both parties feeling they won mostly and lost a little. Sometimes these deals take longer because the talent representation is from a very busy firm and getting the contract written and executed takes time especially when legal approval is needed.

Throughout this process, Celebrity Speakers Bureau will work with your marketing team to begin creating the activation plan for the program in whatever form that may be. In our experience when creating a celebrity endorsement activation plan, you need for it to be very true to the celebrity and their lifestyle. The best programs are the ones where the celebrity talent is engaged, excited about the product/service and is driven to create a successful collaboration with your organization.

celebrity endorsements celebrity speakers bureauOnce the contract has been signed, it’s go time! Typically, a marketing campaign of celebrity magnitude will require a video/photo shoot. This is now part of the execution phase of any celebrity endorsement campaign and we can defer to the external PR agency or your internal staff for direction. Our celebrity booking agents at Celebrity Speakers Bureau can also manage and handle all logistics for the talent to attend any and all launch events, shoots and corporate meetings. We understand being a full service agency requires a lot of commitment on our part, but that is the trademark of a great company and a successful client relationship!

Celebrity Speakers Bureau offers its clients a diverse range of services that will match your every need as a start-up, crowdfunded, emerging, mid level or Fortune 100 organization. We deal with each of our clients with the same precision and dedication to their success equally. We specialize in world-class celebrity endorsement campaigns, not in the size of the client we serve.

Our clients always ask how we evaluate the successful celebrity endorsement campaign, which for lack of a better explanation is your ROI. We always counsel our clients on having realistic expectations for their campaign. The market is flooded with celebrity endorsement campaigns. But the most important question we need to answer is, what makes our campaign special and unique and will cut through the clutter?

celebrity endorsementsIn today’s digital age, we also need to figure out how we are going to support or boost our campaign on social media. A program focused on baby boomers is one we would obviously budget less on this type of advertising because the older demographic still watches TV and reads magazines and newspapers. The millennials won’t. They consume their advertising and media in far different manners. Millennials tend to distrust corporate America and would more likely trust someone they follow if that person doesn’t seem to just be selling them. In short, understanding exactly how your target demographic consumes information will allow you to create celebrity endorsements with serious ROI!

celebrity endorsementsNo two campaigns are alike and candidly, they shouldn’t be. Finding the right celebrity spokesperson to hire should not be a snap decision but it shouldn’t be an impossible task either. Have realistic budgets, an open mind and you just might find the face of your brand and/or company for years to come. If you are interested in discussing celebrity endorsements for your brand or organization, contact Celebrity Speakers Bureau today via email at booking@celebrityspeakersbureau.com.

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