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Book A Celebrity Speaker- 5 Tips To Make Booking Entertainment Easy!

Celebrity Speakers Bureau literally has thousands of potential customers combing our website every week. The company has helped organizations, events, corporations, start-ups, tech giants, non-profits, Universities, etc. book entertainment for almost 10 years. Undoubtedly, booking entertainment can be a tricky game. Celebrity Speakers Bureau in one of the best in the business. The following are 5 tips when looking to book a celebrity speaker with a speakers bureau or outside agency:

1.  Know at least 5 celebrity speakers you would like to book?

2.  Know what you want your motivational or keynote speaker to do?

3.  Know the dates that you need to book a celebrity speaker?

4.  Know what message you are looking to achieve from the celebrity speaker to deliver?

5.  Know your budget not including travel, hotel, ground transportation and food for your celebrity speaker?

Booking entertainment is such an individual experience. The ability for your company, organization, or event to know the above 5 tips to book a celebrity speaker or entertainment talent is crucial. To not have these specific points of information will do several things. First, the celebrity speakers management or agent will not take you seriously. Secondly, to get the best and most cost effective celebrity speaker, you clearly have to have a firm budget or negotiations will quickly grow old to an agent with a very popular client.

Having a good idea of your top 5 motivational keynote celebrity speakers is so important. It enables us to determine if your request matches your budget. Many times our clients have caviar tastes with peanut M&M budgets, so we need to counsel our clients on the realities of whether or not their request is actually achievable. Asking for Tom Cruise or Will Smith and having $10,000 is nothing but frustration and a waste of time. These celebrities get $15,000,000 a movie.Why in the world would they get out of bed for $10,000?

Having a specific date or a series of date options is so important. We are constantly bombarded with requests, with the caveat that the “date is open to the celebrity speaker’s schedule”. While flexibility is good, in this scenario, it will never get done. Agents and managers for celebrities tend to be set in their ways. They don’t want to go hunt down days from their very busy clients. They want to check dates, confirm budgets, and book their clients.

When you utilize a speakers bureau like Celebrity Speakers Bureau, you should expect professionalism, knowledge, competence, and a staff that understands the pressure that you are under to produce a drama free, successful event! Hiring a motivational keynote speaker or booking any type of entertainment act should be something that is effortless in a way.

Let the staff at Celebrity Speakers Bureau help you book entertainment and/or hire your next corporate motivational speaker. We can counsel you, negotiate for you, and manage all of your expectations.

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