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Looking To Book A Celebrity To Speak At Your Next Event?

We receive thousands of requests from all kinds of companies from around the world to book a celebrity speaker on a weekly basis. Yet there is hardly ever a time when the client comes to us with an exact speaker in mind, the date of the event, budget and all details worked out in advance.

It’s the nature of hiring a celebrity speaker. There are many moving parts including a boss that might want to book a celebrity speaker with with a way larger speaking fee than the actual budget can afford. Truth be told, we get so many requests for A-list celebrities but D-list budgets it would make you laugh… or in our case, cry! Our job at Celebrity Speakers Bureau is to be a world-class consultant, confidant, friend, booking agent and trusted ally.

What we are often asked to be is somewhat of a Wikipedia of prices/fees/availability of the celebrity world! While we want to get this type of accurate pricing and fee information to every customer, it must come with the commitment to work together. If the customer is shopping around and has not made a decision to work with Celebrity Speakers Bureau as their agency to book a celebrity speaker for their event, we are just being used for our 20+ years of experience, database and contacts. When it comes to serving our customers, we have decided we work as the exclusive agency of record or it just doesn’t work. It doesn’t just not work for us, it doesn’t work for you as the end customer!

Here is why! For example, say a customer has 3 agencies searching for talent – on its face it feels good. You are blanketing the market, right? Wrong, you now have 3 different agencies calling the same celebrity booking agents on your behalf for different celebrities and now they don’t respect you or your opportunity. In blanketing the market, you’ve actually diluted the ask! You’ve annoyed the agent with different calls from different agencies about different people… it looks bad on all parties involved. The event begins to feel less and less feasible and likely to close for these agents when you come at them from so many different angles. Celebrity booking agents are incredibly busy and they could honestly care less about your 1 event if they can tell there is no structure behind the ask. Especially if they have never booked with you before.

So there, myth killed! Having ONE agency and their talented agents focused on helping you book a celebrity speaker is very important and the best way to go about booking celebrity talent for events. Don’t just book with the first person that gets back to you, book a celebrity speaker with the best! Quality matters.

If you are interested in booking celebrities for events in 2017, contact Celebrity Speakers Bureau today! Our sales team with over 20+ years of celebrity talent booking experience will serve you well when pinpointing the appropriate celebrity to hire for your event and secure them at the best possible fee for your scope of work. Contact us via email at

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