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Lauren Kassan

Lauren Kassan

Lauren Kassan

Co-Founder of The Wing

  • COO
  • First Employee at SLT

Topics: Motivational Entrepreneur Speakers, Top Female Business Leaders,

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    Lauren Kassan

    Lauren Kassan

    Co-Founder of The Wing

    Famous Women Speakers, Motivational Entrepreneur Speakers, Professional Business Speakers, Top Female Business Leaders

    Lauren Kassan is an entrepreneur, empowered woman, and C0-Founder and COO of The Wing.

    In 2016 Lauren Kassan co-founded The Wing which is a women’s network for creative thinking and innovation. The Wing has a variety of different gathering locations that serve as social clubs and co-working spaces.Their mission is to bring groups of women together through partnerships with local nonprofits. Laurens passions allow her to implement activities such as panel discussions, book clubs, lectures, evenings with politician, and even field trip to the Women’s March, for the club members. 

    The idea sparked when she started her career in the fitness industry working at boutique studios like SLT and ClassPass. She held high positions there and saw how these fitness places created spaces for women to feel empowered and united. Female empowerment is at the center of Lauren’s overall attitude and mission. She is a social media expert and loves to share her current updates on Instagram.  There is a lot of creativity and inspiration that Kassan has been able to grow from in her career. She has great concepts and an even better network of supportive investors. Lauren Kassan is a business savvy woman who knows her market’s’ ability to create and inspire new ideas. As her individual career continues she will be looking for new ways to work and inspire women worldwide.

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